[Gaon] 2016 Download Chart (January – November)

Top 100 most downloaded song in 2016. Updated November 2016. This chart is taken from monthly chart top 100 and only including korean release. Note that there will be any different data from the actual points since there are just top 100 that can be tracked. The actual point will can be seen in 2016 Gaon Year-end Chart that will be updated next month.

Song that reached 1 million download this month:

  • Han Donggeun – Making A New Ending For This Story
  • Lim Chanjung – Love That I Commited
  • Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely
  • Bolbbalgan4 – Galaxy
  • Gfriend – Navillera

8 Gaon Download November.png

Streaming Chart

Album Sales


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