2017 Gaon Chart & Sales – Week 40

Top 100 most downloaded song, most streamed song and album sales in 2017. updated October 14, 2017. Will update every week (every month for Album Sales). Taken from weekly and monthly domestic chart top 100, so only including korean release. Note that there will be any different data from the actual points / the number maybe inaccurate since there are just top 100 that can be tracked. The actual point could be seen in 2017 Gaon Year-end Chart. Next update on November.

2017 Gaon Download Chart


14 Gaon 1

2017 Gaon Streaming Chart


14 Gaon 2

2017 Gaon Album Sales


14 Gaon 3

  • Only from Gaon Domestic Chart, EXO – The War Chinese Ver. including to Overseas Chart.
  • Gaon count album that have different track in different version separately.

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