Fancafe Group Ranking – July 2017

Top 40 Boygroup & Girlgroup Fancafe Ranking. updated July 5, 2017. Note that some fancafe (especially SM and JYP artists fancafe) not active and/or unofficial.

Boygroup Fancafe Ranking

Girlgroup Fancafe Ranking

Most increased member fancafe in June (June 5 – July 5)


  1. Wannaone | 149,578
  2. NU’EST | 51,758
  3. BTS | 23,169
  4. Seventeen | 3,038
  5. BTOB | 2,556


  1. Mamamoo | 2,784
  2. WJSN | 1,352
  3. Apink | 942
  4. Gugudan | 760
  5. Pristin | 693

7 thoughts on “Fancafe Group Ranking – July 2017

  1. Not a twice fan but that drop in fancafe is fascinating to me, considering that they’re the trendiest girl group right now. Can anyone tell me what it could possibly correlate to?


    • Probably because that fancafe isn’t Twice’s official one. All JYP artists use the official JYP fancafe so any individual group fancafes are unnofficial 🙂
      All SM and JYP Daum fancafes are either unnofficial and/or old. For example, EXO doesn’t use their Daum fancafe anymore and instead use an app (which has over 4 million users). Super Junior, TVXQ, Red Velvet, and SNSD fancafes, though official, have been unused for years.
      So a proper list is one that has omitted all JYP and SM fancafes.


      • Fair enough. Although the kpopcount data lists the numbers coming from naver. And it looks like many of the kpop groups from the big 3 have their fancafe numbers taken from naver.

        So does that mean youre talking about a different fancafe apart from the ones in either naver or daum?


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