2018 Comeback & Release Schedule

CAUTION: The list will be updated on kpopcount.com

2018 comeback and release schedule. Including comeback, debut and project releases on line in Korea, not including OST and tv related releases.


Date Album/Single Title Artist Title Track
1 Digital Single Sound Of Winter Park Hyoshin Sound Of Winter
1 3rd Single Album Play in Nature Part.3: Snow Flake Kim Kyujong (SS501) Melt
1 Digital Single Her Drug Restaurant Her
2 Digital Single XOXO Soyeon (Laboum) X Parc Jaejung XOXO
2 1st Single Album Who Am I TRCNG Who Am I
3 Mini Album The Hottest N.Flying Hot Potato
3 3rd Mini Album Great Momoland Bboom Bboom
3 1st Mini Album Kriesha Chu Like Paradise
4 Digital Single Paint Me Mamamoo Paint Me
4 Han Heejun Deep Inside
8 3rd Full Album TOP SEED INFINITE  Tell Me
8 6th Mini Album Repackageed Re:MONTAGE Block B Don’t Leave
8 Live High
8 Pre-debut Album Mixtape Stray Kids
9 5th Mini Album Secret Garden Oh My Girl Secret Garden
10 Jo Kwon
10 Bolbbalgan4
10 2nd Mini Album Match Up MXM
11 Kim Dongryul
12 TBA Cheetah
15 2nd Mini Album Jang Wooyoung (2PM)
17 Chungha
17 2nd Mini Album JBJ
18 The Eastlight


TBA Blackpink
TBA Suzy
TBA Davichi
TBA Sunmi
TBA Jung Junil



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